• Max 3600mm Jumbo Rolls
  • Max 2500m/hour speed
  • Online Remote debugging
  • Wireless Remote controller
max 3600mm paper width
Max 3600mm Paper Width
Hydraulic system
Optional Hydraulic System
connect with Drying machine
Working with drying machine


This machine is widely used to produce Parallel paper tubes for Thermocouple, Packing Industry.

  1. Simens PLC and Touching Panel and Inverter, with 3sets*Mitsubishi Servo motor for better working condition;
  2. Each action of this machine was made by Hdraulic cylinder or Pneumatic cylinder, more stable and higher efficiency;
  3. Omron sensor and Airtac Pneumatic for stable working;
  4. Paper edge grinding device with automatic vacuum cleaning system for smooth tube surface;
  5. Automatic watering device for paper edge;
  6. Unique online connecting system, help to inspect the machine even not come for installation;
  7. Wireless Control Panel makes the Operator easy to control machine without touching the machine;
  8. Automatic diagnosis function for better knowing the working condition and find the problems;


Inline Cutting FunctionNONOYESYes
Tube Inner diameter10~20mm18~50mm18-50mmYes
Tube Thickness3~6mm3~10mm3~10mmYes
Tube Length600mmMax 2500mmMax 2500mmYes
Production speed840~1200m/hour2000~2500m/hour2000~2500m/hourYes
Machine SizeVariableVariableVariableYes